Missing School and Being Sick is Costly and Complicated

The power of doctors these days is incredible. In order for my child to be excused from school without being penalized when absent while sick, I had to send a doctors note template to school to explain his absence. I have to take my child to the doctor, miss work and pay for an expensive doctor’s visit when my child misses school. Without the Doctors Note Template my son’s unexcused absences accumulate and in our state parents with children who’ve missed too much school with unexcused absences can actually be jailed (read more here).


No longer is an excuse acceptable if it’s written by a parent as when we were children. The parents of today are not considered trustworthy as the parents of my mother’s generation. My mother wrote a note she sent to school when we had been sick. The note always had the same words and was in her own handwriting, and depending on the illness, the only word that was changed was the actual illness term, whether fever, cold, flu, virus, or sore throat.

We didn’t depend on the dr and medical community to confirm our illnesses because our mothers often stayed home and were pretty good nurses. She would tend to us and also wrote all of our excuses. Usually we would receive a signed, template printed form from the school principal’s office to take back to our mother. The note confirmed we had been excused for our absence. Years ago, staying home while sick and being treated by our mothers had no extra expense. Today, being sick and missing school is costly, complicated, and involves doctors, school employees and the government.

It is no wonder that people today are seeking fake doctors notes and templates to avoid the complications of being sick and missing school.


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