Using a Doctor’s Note for Vacation

There comes a time in all of our lives where we just need a break.. just a bit of simple time off.  Our work life can be hectic, especially here in the United States.  Let’s just admit that we are overworked and underpaid, and we often do not get enough vacation days.

Ever since the internet started, there have been all kinds of interesting sites.  One type of site, in particular, is the fake doctor’s note site. That’s right — many of these weird sites have started on the internet that allow people to edit and download fake doctor’s notes.  Are they legit? Well, some are.  Are they legal? Well, somewhat.  Are they worthwhile? Yes, they are. 🙂

To start, you must do your due diligence and find a site that has valid age, reviews, and testimonials.  After that, it is best to find one that offers true value and ideally models their notes after real doctor’s notes. You also might want to check out some review sites such as this one.

Once you’ve picked a site (we like, you can then proceed to order one. Some sites sell one note while others sell a bundle of notes.  The best is to buy a bundle so you have many to work with.

Once everything’s all set up, then the fun begins: simply fill out the note to fit your needs. Remember to never impersonate a real doctor or hospital, as this is likely very illegal.  Once you have that done, you can download the note and print from your home computer. I”ve tested many printers, and I find that ink-jet printers work the best.  Trim the white off of the note and give it a ruffled look to give it a bit of age and authenticity.

Next fax the note to your work or school.  Another option is to email it or .. if you’re feeling dangerous — submit it by hand.  Don’t worry, these almost always work perfectly.  I wish you the very best of luck!


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Missing School and Being Sick is Costly and Complicated

The power of doctors these days is incredible. In order for my child to be excused from school without being penalized when absent while sick, I had to send a doctors note template to school to explain his absence. I have to take my child to the doctor, miss work and pay for an expensive doctor’s visit when my child misses school. Without the Doctors Note Template my son’s unexcused absences accumulate and in our state parents with children who’ve missed too much school with unexcused absences can actually be jailed (read more here).


No longer is an excuse acceptable if it’s written by a parent as when we were children. The parents of today are not considered trustworthy as the parents of my mother’s generation. My mother wrote a note she sent to school when we had been sick. The note always had the same words and was in her own handwriting, and depending on the illness, the only word that was changed was the actual illness term, whether fever, cold, flu, virus, or sore throat.

We didn’t depend on the dr and medical community to confirm our illnesses because our mothers often stayed home and were pretty good nurses. She would tend to us and also wrote all of our excuses. Usually we would receive a signed, template printed form from the school principal’s office to take back to our mother. The note confirmed we had been excused for our absence. Years ago, staying home while sick and being treated by our mothers had no extra expense. Today, being sick and missing school is costly, complicated, and involves doctors, school employees and the government.

It is no wonder that people today are seeking fake doctors notes and templates to avoid the complications of being sick and missing school.


Fake Doctor Notes Could Ruin Your Professional Ethics

It’s no surprise that people who should live as role models are the ones leading in vices and breaking the rules and regulations set by Companies and organizations. The access to the internet furthers the problem more in that there is access to fake doctors notes and excuse letters that are free and printable from the internet.

It’s in so many cases that employees from various organizations like schools, hospitals etc have failed to turn up for work; if they were to tell the real reason you would be surprised at what actually caused the absenteeism, an employee can actually choose to attend a friend’s bridal shower, Birthday party or even accompanying them somewhere at the expense of their job. There are a multitude of places to get fake doctors notes online.


Many people attribute this to self-indiscipline and lack of morals, its however sad that these acts will always have an adverse effect on an innocent soul for example a sympathetic boss who will sorry for his/her employee and will actually be made to believe they were really sick and might actually add them another day for them to fully recover; sound very ironical doesn’t it?

What actually never occurs to these employees is that the truth will always triumph meaning that this could be a disaster in the making, a birthday celebration can actually cost your job, it only pays to be good. To learn more about fake doctors notes go to

Websites That Design Fake Doctor’s Notes

Most people will always leap at the fake doctor’s note whenever they want to persuade the employers to be granted leave or miss classes. A lot of ink has been spilt on whether users should go for the free or purchasable doctor’s note to mitigate circumstances of being caught red handed. The distinction between those notes sold at affordable and competitive and affordable prices, those provided for grit are inherently flawed. Websites that sell to you the Dr. Notes to tender at school or lean on for obtaining leave cough out cash to develop their designed physician’s notes. On the other hand, their freely offered counterparts are designed in a home-made and incomprehensible manner; they are devoid of professionalism and tenability.

For premium notes that are offered at a price, they are buttressed by an active verification feature. Skim reviews and weigh the efficiency and quality of the web page that you want to purchase your note from. If you want to miss work or school with a blank printable doctors note (free), we recommend many of the online vendors.

In this vein, those who spend the exiguous monies to obtain a doctor’s note get an appropriate and reliable version. The notes are sold, but they are worthwhile as they encompass all core features that vouch that the doctor’s note tendered as genuine per se. Once you identify an apt note, you will be amazed by their professional outlook; hence they resemble the real doctor’s notes.

The Use of a Doctors Note

A doctors note is something that is required to return to school or place of employment after three consecutive days of absence. A doctors note essentially gives an employer or school an excuse for absence as well as clearance to return to work or school.

When a person misses work or school for three days or more a note is required and the documentation becomes a permanent part of an employee or student file.

In some cases when it is not possible to see a doctor face to face you may obtain a doctors notes on line. There are specific websites that supply authentic looking doctors notes so that you may return to work or school.

Websites that offer doctors excuses usually have a variety of doctors note template to choose from. In addition, once a fee is paid and some basic information supplied you can then receive your note. Notes obtained online look completely authentic and they have a signature just like a regular note from a practicing physician. Look at for more info on this.

In addition to a variety of templates a website that offers physicians notes will also display sample notes for the person to review. The sample notes usually contain a brief description explaining the absence followed by a signature. No one can tell that the note was obtained from an online website. One doctors note template site we like is nebdec.  We can’t suggest it enough.

There can be a variety of reasons as to why individuals do not obtain a physicians note from a family doctor after a prolonged absence. A financial hardship may be a reason as to why a person does not see a doctor if illness does in fact occur.

It is always better to see a reputable physician when illness occurs. However, if it is not possible to see a doctor then obtaining a physicians note online is an alternative. Obtaining a doctors excuse online is quick, simple and it is accepted by both employers as well as school officials.

Finally, physicians notes can be easily obtained online. Therefore, if you find yourself in an unusual situation and are in need of a quick physicians note then obtaining a note online may be your best option.

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